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Greetings. We are Mirae Aerospace

    Since the establishment of Mirae Aerospace in 2005, our company has been participating in the MRO industry, defense industry, and space industry, as well as engaging in aircraft assembly and parts processing. In order to create better values, continuous research and development and innovative activities have been the cornerstone of our growth within the aerospace industry.

    With our experiences in various aircraft assembly, we are doing our best to satisfy the quality and delivery expectations of our customers. With the deep trust we have received, we are also actively participating in a number of new businesses.

    We strongly believe in corporate social responsibility and recognize that our company is a group of innumerable individuals bound together by one common objective. Our goal, with all of our members united as one, is to foster growth and pride in our company.

    We will foster growth in line with the national strategy for the development of the aerospace industry. We will establish a dynamic corporate culture that boldly leads technological innovation and takes on challenges in this rapidly-changing industry.

    By maximizing our corporate capabilities through our accumulating R&D and mass production experience, we will take a leap forward as a leading aerospace company and pioneer the global market. The entire staff of Mirae Aerospace strictly abides by laws and regulations, and fulfills social and ethical responsibilities, and furthermore, pledges to become a company doing its best for the growth of the aerospace industry with the best products and advanced technologies.

    Thank you.

Mirae Aerospace Co., Ltd. CEO Tae Hyeong Kim
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